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How to Write a Perfect EM Residency Personal Statement

What Is EM Residency?

EM Residency is a short form of Emergency Medicine. It is a field of practice where skills and knowledge for emergency medicine career are required for diagnosing, preventing and managing urgent and severe cases of injuries that may affect patients of different ages.  It also requires the development of an understanding of the in-hospital and pre-hospital systems during emergency medical cases.

Tips for Writing a Top-Notch EM Residency Personal Statement

Here is a list of tips to help you write a personal statement absolutely suitable for Admission application in an EM residency program:

[sitemanager-step step=”Purpose of Personal Statement ” style=”colored_flags”] Write about yourself as to who you are and what your background is along with mentioning your goals. [/sitemanager-step]

[sitemanager-step step=”Content ” style=”colored_flags”] Write about a particular event that has drawn you to choose the program specialization. Mention personal and clinical experiences that have relevancy. [/sitemanager-step]

[sitemanager-step step=”Paragraph suggestion ” style=”colored_flags”] Firstly an introduction (who you are and which program specialization you are applying for). Secondly, an interesting event for explaining your interest in the program. Thirdly, paragraph on activities, researches, and projects that made you be firm on your interest. Use this paragraph to highlight your skills. Fourthly, personal traits suitable for the selected program. Finally, plans for the future. Summarize your strong points and end with your enthusiasm in studying the program and getting trained. [/sitemanager-step]

[sitemanager-step step=”Common Mistakes To Be Avoided ” style=”colored_flags”]

  • Delaying the writing of the emergency medicine personal statement
  • Understanding the personal statement’s importance
  • Poor writing with full of errors
  • Exaggerated and lengthy write-up
  • Unnecessary Quotations
  • Each and every sentence beginning with ‘I’
  • Overtly creative
  • Arrogant tone
  • Clichés used
  • Elaborate comments not backed up with personal details
  • Applying for residency position but writing with focus on fellowship position


Professional Help with Emergency Residency Personal Statement

If you feel that you need a little guidance from scholars who have good “knowledge on writing personal statement” for emergency medicine residency or emergency medicine fellowship then you can consult with a professional who is an expert in personal statement writing. You can clear your doubts and ask for tips to make your emergency residency personal statement the best written. If you want you can also get your write-up revised by the professionals who will eliminate all errors and refine your emergency residency personal statement precisely with the aim to get you admitted in your chosen program. You can also avail the expert writer if you are stuck mid-way with your em residency personal statement writing and wish them to finish it for you.

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