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Emergency Medicine Personal Statement Sample: Outline & Themes to Cover

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How Good Does Your Personal Statement for Emergency Medicine Residency Need to Be?

When applying to the best emergency medicine residency ranking programs your emergency medicine residency personal statement will often be a vital part of your application. It is your opportunity to clearly show the admissions committee who you are and why you are following a career in emergency medicine. The admissions committee need to know how well you are going to fit in with their program and just grades will not show this. Our emergency medicine personal statement example shows you just how well your statement needs to be written.

A good emergency medicine personal statement sample allows you to see not only the structure that your writing should follow but also the types of things you need to cover. Your personal statement can be the deciding factor in your selection for an interview so it is important that you spend a significant amount of time on getting it right.expert emergency medicine personal statement example

Our professional services will give you all of the advice that you need for your writing as well as an effective emergency medicine residency sample personal statement for guidance. We also provide a full range of support through some of the most dedicated and proven writers and editors that you will find online.emergency medicine personal statement example

What Should Your Emergency Medicine Eras Personal Statement Cover?

The personal statement gives the admissions committee an opportunity to learn about you as a person. However, they are not looking to find out about your weekend party habits or hobbies. They want a clear idea as to why you are looking to work in emergency medicine and why you are applying to their program. To achieve this you need to give them an answer to all of the following areas within your statement:

  • Your commitment to emergency medicine: they want to see that you have a valid reason for choosing this specialty and that you are working hard towards a career here. You must explain why you choose this specialty and experiences you have had in this area.
  • What strengths you have in this field: what is it about you that will make you a great resident and future member of the ER program team? Demonstrate clearly what it is that you are going to bring to the residency and why they cannot do without you.
  • What you are looking for in a residency: explain clearly what it is about their residency that has attracted you. Demonstrate just what it is you hope to learn from them; be specific with what you have to say to show that you have researched what they have to offer.
  • What are your future plans: you will spend many years with your education and training so where is this taking you? Give some clear indication of your long term career plans as well as any additional training that you may need.

As the University of Wisconsin says:

“Do not tell the reader what an Emergency Physician does, he or she already knows this. Tell a story about yourself, share a unique situation and be candid and honest. This is your chance to show who you are.”

Apply to the Best Emergency Medicine Residency Programs

The best training will always come from the best ranked residency programs. The following are some of the highest ranked ACGME approved emergency medicine programs that you can apply to:

  • Indiana University School of Medicine: this is one of the oldest and most respected EM residency programs in the US and is totally dedicated to ensuring that you will be the best that you can be. The residents can expect to treat a quarter of a million patients each and every year in the three busy sites that this program covers.
  • University of Cincinnati College of Medicine: consistently ranked in the top programs this is one of the longest established residencies that you will find. It recruits only from the best graduates that it can find nationally and takes in 14 PGY-1 residents each year.
  • USC Keck School of Medicine: the program has been around since 1971 and aims to train its residents to the highest standards. They recruit their residents based on their personal qualities such as motivation and integrity as well as looking for high academic ability.
  • UCLA: each year they will take on 15 residents to work across three different locations through their busy residency program.  This is a highly progressive program that seeks out residents that will be able to cope with the highly diverse population that they serve.
  • Denver Health: since 1974 this program has been delivering its high standard of training within one of the busiest locations in the US. It accepts 17 residents into its emergency medicine program and expects them all to be high achievers academically as well as being able to work within a busy team effectively.
  • Massachusetts General Hospital: this 4 year Harvard sponsored program also covers the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and is one of the most respected programs you will find.  They accept the greatest minds with the potential to be the best doctors.
  • NYU Perelman: this program accepts 16 residents each year onto its 4 year program. You will be expected to work across a number of different sites in this busy city with the emergency departments serving over 300,000 patients every year from very diverse backgrounds.


What to Write in Your Emergency Medicine Residency Personal Statement

Even with good personal statement examples for regional anesthesia fellowship to look at you may still be wondering just what to write in your ERAS application. It is always best to outline your statement and organize it so that you have an easier time with writing. Typically the following will be the structure that you will follow:

  • Opening Paragraph: this is where you provide the reader with your personal reasons for wanting to follow a career in emergency medicine. Use a personal anecdote that will demonstrate how you decided to follow this demanding career and your passion for it. Finish by introducing the area that you wish to work within so that you can expand on them within the main body.
  • Main body paragraphs: these will provide the reader with an overview of your skills and qualities with clear examples. Usually, you will want to cover the following three areas:
Clinical experience: give a couple of concise examples and show how they have helped you grow and what you have learned.
Research experience: demonstrate the research skills that you can bring with clear examples of what you have already done.
Service: show how you are going to be a valuable member of the team and how well you will work together with the other residents to serve the local population.
  • Conclusion: summarize what you have said and relate it to the program that they are offering and also your medium to long-term goals.

What Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your Personal Statement

You want your personal statement to stand out and show you off in the nest light. You do not want it to come over as a poorly written essay that fails to inspire anything in the reader. You must avoid all of the common mistakes that others make when writing their personal statement for emergency medicine residency:

  • Don’t repeat information that is already available within other parts of your application.
  • Don’t riddle your writing with clichés.
  • Avoid including any information that is not relevant to the application.
  • Do not use language that is inappropriate such as slang or profanity.
  • Do not submit a generic style statement that offers no insight into who you are.
  • Do not plagiarize a sample eras personal statement emergency medicine and use as your own.
  • Do not submit without carefully checking your writing for issues.

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